Grilling Rib Eye on the Grill

Grilling Rib Eye on the Grill

The rib eye, also known as rump steak or rump cut, is a flank steak usually from the flank section of the steer. The flank is a large muscle mass found in the stomach area of most animals. The muscle that is found in the stomach area that creates the rib eye steak is called the sartorius. The muscle that goes along with this muscle and attaches it to the connective tissues that comprise the steak’s skin, is called the sartorius tendon.

Rib eye

The rib eye steak cooks quickly and easily on the grill. Most people like the rich, darker, flavorsome taste of a rib eye on the grill but it is also tender enough to be cooked by using a fork Ribeye. A thicker rub, made with vinegar and spices, can be used to make the meat stick more firmly to the grill. Marbling, which is any dark or brownish layer in the meat, can be used to help draw out the flavor from the meat.

Rib eye cuts can be served as an appetizer, a light meal for two, a full meal for six or a number of servings as part of a larger menu. They are commonly found in cowboy, barbecue and southern food recipes. Most restaurants that serve prime rib do allow for a rib eye steak on the grill. Many people like rib-eye meat as a lighter alternative to strip steak, and it is a healthier alternative than other forms of beef.

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