Where Can I Hire Traffic Controllers?

Where can I hire traffic controllers

Where Can I Hire Traffic Controllers?

Where can I hire traffic controllers? Working as an air traffic controller may be just what you’re looking for. A career in this field can be both interesting and rewarding, and can also be very dangerous if you are not careful. There are many benefits of working as an air traffic controller, including the ability to work with some of the largest and most important commercial airliners in the world.

Hiring Traffic Control Officers (FAA) – FAA Certified Traffic Controllers can be hired by businesses, or by individual air traffic controllers who are seeking to gain more skills and higher pay. Most air traffic controllers receive their training by attending FAA approved aviation school and then must obtain FAA certification in order to legally operate an airplane. Some of the benefits of hiring FAA certified controllers include earning a higher starting salary and more attractive full-time employment Verkeerservicezuidholland.nl. Although starting salaries for FAA certified instructors are typically lower than those for FBOs, the benefits of having your name on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved safety course is worth the higher starting salary and potential for long-term career advancement.

ATC Training & Certification The FAA offers several approved training courses that should provide you with enough information to earn your Faa certification. Many of these training programs are offered online. There are also a number of Faa schools you can attend in order to receive your FAA certificate. Some of these schools include: Aeronautical Institute, Air Technical Institute, International Association of Aructurers, and the Defense Aviation Academy.

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